Advertising Opportunities

Advertising with the Chamber is a great option for reaching business people in your community. Ensure that your message is getting out to the decision makers, the business owners, and the people you need to reach. Let us help you craft your email or advertisement and feel confident that your marketing dollars are being used effectively.

Chamber advertising options are crafted to fit any need and any budget, whether you have a specific message or are just looking to spread the word. Do you need a little guidance picking an option that is right for you? Call Jordan Herson at (607) 273-7080 or email

  • E-Blasts

    renovus copy

    Craft your custom message with the Chamber!

    Send a personalized email to our email list of 4,000+. Reach your potential clients and achieve your business goals – whether you’d like to spread the word about a great deal, share an event, or engage an audience, sending a custom email through the Chamber is the way to go.

    See examples below:

    Renovus E-Blast

    Inaugural Families in Business Conference E-Blast

    $150 per email

  • Chambergram Banner Ad


    Reach members effortlessly with an ad in the Chambergram! Great for quick, simple messaging, this ad block is linked to a website of your choice, and is sent to a list of 4,000+ people.  Avoid advertising clutter and stick to simplicity with this opportunity.

    Our emails have an incredibly high success rate. The industry average open rate for emails from Chambers as of June 2017 was 10.85%. In comparison, over the last year the Chambergram has had an open rate of 28%, nearly triple industry average.

    $200 for one month of messaging (4 Chambergrams)

  • Banner Ad

    Banner ads

    Our Website Banner Ads put you on top of the competition… literally! Your ad will be prominently featured on the top of the business category your business belongs to, ensuring that anyone looking for the services you provide will see you first. In addition, your business listing will be boosted to the top of the page and highlighted in yellow.

    The business directory had 12,989 visitors in the last month alone, an average of 433 visitors a day. Taking advantage of this opportunity will showcase your business to a huge number of people at a great price.

    $100 per month / $1000 per year*

    Save $200 when you commit to a full year!