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Our principle agent Kevin Shreve, believes the key to our clients achieving their financial goals is to discover each of their unique and individual financial needs. We look at the whole picture, get everything on the table, and help find a path to the solutions that are right for THEM. Our approach to financial service includes Kevin, his team, and most importantly, the client. Our focus is not just financial management, but planning with your whole life in perspective so you can make confident financial decisions and tackle financial stress… as if you’ve had a life time of education and experience. Because we know “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antione de Saint-Exupery


What value do you see in having your business in Tompkins County?

The quality of life in Tompkins County has a tremendous draw for our business and of course, our clients. Many professionals experience the moment where they have achieved some success and contemplate a larger urban center, more prospects, bigger gains and growth…but when you stack those what if’s up to the idyllic lifestyle and string community here in Tompkins county, we feel you couldn’t ask for a better place to do business.


How has the Chamber supported your success as a business?

The Tompkins County Chamber has given us a platform to meet other professionals in the community and develop natural relationships. The Chamber creates dynamic environments for business people to engage based on mutual interests and common goals.


What’s your favorite moment from a Chamber Event?

A few years back our principal agent Kevin Shreve attended a Chamber After Hours with a good friend and business associate. At this event, which was hosted by the Chemung Canal Trust Company, the two struck up a friendly competition to test their networking skills and take full advantage of the feracious atmosphere. The goal was for each to connect with three new people, and get to know them well enough to set up a meeting to continue building on the newfound relationship. From this one event Kevin met two of his best new clients, who he is proud to call colleagues as well.

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