Finger Lakes Wealth Management


Business profile

Fingerlakes Wealth Management is an investment advisory firm focused on helping individuals invest in values and beliefs. We strive to create and maintain wealth for our clients through tailored, long term, goals-based asset management. As a certified B Corp, Fingerlakes Wealth Management is a leading firm in Impacting and Socially Responsible Investing.

At Fingerlakes Wealth Management we embrace our values in doing business. We have created an investment philosophy based on our clients needs & beliefs. We embrace a goals-based system of wealth management that assists our clients in identifying goals and recognizing a unique risk tolerance. We recommend and develop investment strategies unique to every client based on their goals and beliefs. Our portfolio implementation is seamless and our investment monitoring utilizes our holistic approach to life and estate goals. A tailored portfolio allows for increased flexibility and responsiveness as your needs, goals, and beliefs grow and change.

What value do you see in having your business in Tompkins County?

Tompkins County is an incredibly diverse community. A community that cares about making the world a better place. To that end we have found Tompkins County to be incredibly supportive of our impact and socially responsible investing initiatives. People here care about what they’re investing in and the effect it has on the world as a whole. We utilize our community relationships to explore new areas of impact investing, something that might not be a available in another place.

Tompkins County is also wonderful place for business because of the local-first mentality of so many. We’re a community that invests in our local businesses because we care about them. As a local business owner, having a supportive community is what makes this such a great place to live and work.

How has the Chamber supported your success as a business?

The Chamber has enabled our business to grow and has allowed our employees to become much more involved in the community. An active group of business owners and employees enables our community to grow as a cohesive whole, and each of us, as members, recognize that growth in our bottom line. The Chamber has enabled us to reach both individuals and businesses that have become faithful clients.


Whats your favorite moment from a Chamber Event?

Chamber events, both large and small have offered us opportunities to meet new people and find new connections. Though the Chamber Auction takes the cake in having a good time. It’s always fun to support other local business owners while also benefitting our Chamber.

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