Member Profile: Journey Fitness Coaching


Journey Fitness is a new personal fitness coaching facility located at 15 Catherwood Road in Ithaca. Jesse King, Personal Coach and Director of Program Design, also calls himself “Director of Success,” responsible for both the business success and client success.

King cautions that Journey Fitness is not a gym. “We are a personal coaching center that provides multiple forms of personal coaching, with group personal coaching being the most popular.” Rapid weight loss is the aim of the personal coaching and nutritional counseling provided with every coaching membership. Workouts are customized based on goals and medical history. “Best of all, we give you the accountability that you need to have success,” says King.

Journey Fitness’ Elmira location earned Chemung County’s Best New Business of the year award and has helped clients lose over 15,000 pounds since 2013. King’s own goals for Journey Fitness in Tompkins County are to find clients in need of their services and to help those clients achieve general health as well as fitness. “We plan to impact the health of the Tompkins County community by seeing our clients get off blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic medications, and to be free of pain — all while achieving thousands of pounds of weight across the community.”

On October 25th, Journey Fitness will begin a 4-week “Biggest Loser” contest and the winner will receive a free Lifetime Personal Coaching Membership.

Journey Fitness Coaching
15 Catherwood Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
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