Member Profile: Dr. Russ Ebbets of Sea Change Family Chiropractic

Dr. Russ Ebbets, 2 time national track championship coach at Union College has been working with amateur, collegiate, and Olympic athletes for over 25 years and has recently joined the team at Sea Change Family Chiropractic, a sponsor of Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce events each month.

Dr. Ebbets comes from a great sports tradition. His father was a golf professional and his great granduncle, Charlie Ebbets, owned and managed the Brooklyn Dodgers, who played in the stadium which carried his name – Ebbets field. It is no surprise then that Dr. Ebbets’ passion lies in working with athletes.

Prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Russ coached basketball and track at Norwich University, then on to Union College where he led the men’s and women’s track teams to two national championships. The success his student athletes had with chiropractic care made the choice of pursuing a career in chiropractic a “natural step”. Chiropractic studies developed in him a further understanding of the critical role the nervous system plays and that keeping the body free of blockages allows athletes of all levels to perform at a higher level.

Over the past 25 years, in addition to private chiropractic practice, Dr. Ebbets has served as the USA National Team Chiropractor three times to the Indoor, Outdoor, and Junior World Championships, and has coordinated chiropractic care at over 250 sporting events across New York State and the Northeast, treating over 15,000 athletes.

New York Chiropractic College and the University of Bridgeport and their students have been fortunate to have benefitted from Professor Ebbets, who developed and implemented the modern template by which chiropractic technique training is taught, and he continues to teach both regionally and internationally.

Additionally, Dr. Ebbets has been a prolific writer, publishing a monthly column in Pace Setter magazine, having published the novel SUPERNOVA, and became only the 5th editor of Track Coach magazine, the technical journal of USA Track and Field.

Everyone at Sea Change Family Chiropractic is thrilled to have Dr. Russ Ebbets serving the Ithaca community – not only amateur and semi-professional athletes, but anyone who has personal health goals to which they aspire and that he can help you in realizing.