Member Profile: Words Into Deeds

Words Into Deeds brings cutting edge methods, materials, and resources to educators in Tompkins and surrounding counties who want to promote greater, more active local youth involvement in Human Rights and peace issues. Founder Gertrude Noden brings two decades of experience as educator and outreach program developer, wherein she nurtures young adults to become informed, responsible global citizens through her innovative Human Rights curriculum.

These in-school programs and training workshops are designed to instill in youth an experience-based awareness that they can be agents for positive social change in their schools, communities, and world. In addition to rigorous examination of existing documents regarding Human Rights, students are challenged to identify and research specific societal needs that are relevant to them, using text and electronic resources augmented by conversations with experts and community leaders. These are followed by the design and implementation of informed action projects – the “deeds” – that address these needs.

Gertrude also serves as the Director of the Human Rights Curriculum for Global Educational Motivators. This not-for-profit organization trains and invites students from around the world to present their projects and outcomes to the United Nations at the annual Student Leadership Conference and other U.N. sponsored youth forums.

These activities align with the Common Core English, Social Studies, STEAM, NGSS and InTASC criteria. In addition, Words Into Deeds and GEM programs are consistent with recommended changes in college admissions criteria detailed in the recently published Making Caring Common report from the Harvard School of Education.

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