President’s Letter: As Construction Continues, Downtown Businesses Need Your Support

As Construction Continues, Downtown Businesses Need Your Support

By Jennifer Tavares, CEcD

As many of you are aware, there continue to be major construction projects in and around downtown Ithaca. Street closings and reduced lanes will undoubtedly result in difficulty accessing many of the local businesses that rely on our patronage and loyalty.

Please keep this in mind during the coming months as you adjust your travel plans and make decisions regarding where to go for business and recreation. There is no better time to take advantage of the ease with which one can navigate our city by foot or bicycle–especially with the new LimeBikes to help you get around! While the environmental benefits of these modes of travel are obvious, don’t underestimate the huge economic impact your spending can have as car travel and parking becomes less accessible.

A few extra steps or a short bike ride now and then will do more than you might imagine for businesses who continue to rely on your support. We have already seen how willing our community is to show support during tough times as displayed during the Commons renovation.

Thank you in advance for continuing your vigilance and support or our local businesses!