Weaver Wind Energy


Business profile

Weaver Wind Energy was founded by Art Weaver with the goal of creating a small wind turbine that would offer consumers exceptional reliability, durability, and safety.

Families and businesses are choosing a sustainable future by becoming more energy-independent and moving away from fossil fuels. The reasons vary, but many choose to make the switch because of rising energy prices and an increased awareness of the environmental damage fossil fuels cause. At Weaver Wind Energy, we have made it our mission to provide the most reliable small wind turbine so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve secured yourself against rising energy costs and lightened your environmental footprint.

Our 5 kW wind turbine is the perfect product to provide renewable wind energy for homes, farms, and businesses over the long term. Weaver Wind invests heavily in Research and Development, and our certified turbine will provide a dependable, maintenance-free source of clean power for years to come. Our wind systems are 100% designed and built in the U.S. because quality and durability are our top priorities.

What value do you see in having your business in Tompkins County?

As an Ithaca business, Weaver Wind supports local commerce and allied businesses while helping our customers move towards energy independence and stable long-term energy costs. Tompkins County is on the map for renewable energy, with county-wide support for clean energy technologies and broad innovative thinking about how to achieve a sustainable future.  We are very appreciative of this tremendously supportive community, and we’ve benefited greatly from experienced and capable allied businesses here in the county as well as partnerships with Cornell faculty and students..

How has the Chamber supported your success as a business?

The Chamber has been helpful in providing contacts for distributing information about our company. As a young company newly launching an education and marketing effort, Weaver Wind Energy looks to the Chamber for continuing guidance on establishing a trusted public profile in our community


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